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41 stone key export enterprises in Fujian Province , July 14 in Xiamen depth handshake , stone export enterprises in Fujian Province to form marketing alliance . In the export tax rebate policy adjustment, market unhealthy competition, profits have fallen sharply against the background under the Fujian Stone companies began to seek BaoTuan development. In the future, marketing alliance will lead the industry in corporate self-regulation, co-development of domestic stone products big market, big circulation and other aspects of focus .

Since late last year , the export tax rebate cancellation of stone products , coupled with appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, as the country´s largest stone import and export port , stone merchandise trade most active Fujian , stone industry profits have fallen sharply near the bottom line. End of December last year , Fujian Stone Industry Association and a number of provincial Stone Association , Chamber of Commerce had issued a joint proposal , starting this year the province´s Stone 10% price increase .

"But we formed a marketing alliance , and not just to raise prices ." Marketing alliance Secretary-General Lai Guoxiang said to reporters , Fujian Province of the stone business more export-oriented, but in recent years the emergence of some unhealthy competition in the market , some companies bargain with each other , decreased product quality , as well as to foreign customers produce stone products in China is the " price of low quality bad" bad impression . " Union , the objective is to be able to maintain the interests of industries and enterprises should have lead the industry enterprise self-discipline , and promote healthy competition in the market ."

It is understood that marketing alliances have been established in the province ´s response to many well-known stone business . The first batch of enterprises, including Quanzhou Benson , Dongsheng, Hao Xiang and other famous stone enterprises , and Xiamen , Fuzhou and other places of 41 key stone export business. By the first President of Fujian Stone Industry Association, non-ore import and export company in Xiamen Xu Rong Qi as chairman .

Late last year the province made a few boulders prices Industry Association initiative , now in the past six months , even a stone export industry increasingly meager profits in the case , but the real implementation of the price increase of 10 % of the enterprises are not many. Xiamen Stone Chamber of Commerce, Mr Wong told reporters , according to their survey, many businesses are afraid of losing customers price increases , there are also some companies because the old contract orders have not done , "I can mention five percent has been very good ."

For some manufacturers malicious bargain , vandalism throughout the stone market , the beginning of the establishment of marketing alliances , the next job will be with the customs , commodity inspection, foreign and other related sectors, mainly producing and processing enterprises , the establishment of a joint meeting system , timely price system tracking control.

"Meanwhile, we have established export of stone products in Fujian mainly oriented price system regularly to the authorities , associations, enterprises publish minimum protective price ." Lai Guoxiang said .


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