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For the stone business , the huge investment promotion effect is difficult to bring satisfactory, but do not propagate even without a foothold. Therefore, seek appropriate and effective promotion , as many companies have been exploring the stone field .

Today, the promotion of enterprise development, marketing is the highlight of stone , usually stone enterprise network branding and product promotion is divided into two modules , and each module is designed around the marketing strategy and creativity. And that which is divided into separate network marketing , collaborative marketing activities to promote the ground in two parts . Well, they specifically what kind of strategy?

Stone brand network marketing story, the story of the enterprises of shaping 1-3 , stone brand network to promote the design and content of the story is also a specialist in the planning, delivery time , the choice of distribution channels , etc. , also have specific arrangements. In general, the stone brand network marketing story several such routes, the consultant with more than win . The first is the growth of enterprises as the background, from a prominent business growth story of struggle , hard work, courage, wisdom , communication network to promote the spirit of the brand of stone , to impress people ; second stone brand network marketing story "Love & Marriage · home " as the background, implanted stone, ceramics , paint , wardrobe, floor or other home building materials, stone brand network marketing and product information , move people ; third is decorated as a theme may be involved in the selection , decoration, supervision and other implanted stone brand network marketing and product information , attractive. There are other ways to not mention here . Perhaps some of these approaches planners are aware of , but specific to the quality of content , and publish media combinations , clever timing , and will not necessarily be able to achieve the best results . In particular, to achieve an audience of millions affected , nor is the general mechanism can operate .

" Stone blog " is a spokesperson for the election of a stone business , or general manager , or a representative, to shape one million visits, create one kind of close to the people through a personal blog , professional , depth, high-end image , through personal image transfer and enhance the corporate image . Communication channels simultaneously by blog products and promotions, influence people´s buying interest and word of mouth spread , creating stone industry record , leading peer . As can be seen , the blog ´s influence has not only been recognized by individuals , but also at the enterprise level , its marketing value is a certain degree of recognition .

"Enterprise theme comics consumer groups spread " is the current mainstream enterprise consumer groups to shape an image that gives one meaning , refined kind of label , forming a kind of similar consumer vested with vivid comic show .

The charity will need to focus on their overall plan to make arrangements , either public welfare activities, will provide creative, able to attract and impress people stone network communication strategy to expand the consumption of public service activities influence and social influence.

Overall, implementation of the above policy, the stone business in six months will be able to directly affect audience reach 400 million or more, even up to ten million or more, precisely because it is built on the basis of pan- spread dissemination , and is based on sales activity stone brand awareness and reputation network to promote the upgrading of the enterprise channel construction , promotion and sales activities can play a very significant impact , stone market revenue generated can be enlarged by five times the probability assessment , and it is very impressive.

Choose a suitable way is the best, just like a wide variety of networks , like use of a wide variety of networks, the Internet world will certainly bring high prices for each door benefit returns.


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