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With the development of stone industry matures, grafting electricity supplier has become an irresistible trend. Relevant data show that China´s net sales market scale of more than 6000 million users , accounting for 19.4% of total Internet users , from this data, the Chinese network marketing has infinite space for development, a large stone industry can take the opportunity into the room, grab live in this market space , of course, on the current status of the industry point of view, there are also several large stone business problems to be solved.

Logistics bottlenecks blocking

Stone logistical difficulty of facts far more than expected to carry out , and now the logistics and e-commerce platforms are not perfect, but a little bit of funds of enterprises, improving both too hard. Instead, the prices of products online and offline conflict , protect the interests of agents around the problem may be encountered after the traditional e-commerce companies involved in the greatest difficulties. Logistics are still being developed in the biggest stumbling block . Looking at the current development trend of domestic e-commerce , the first force and momentum is impressive bathroom area , and stone brand is still developing slowly. Go into the reasons , because almost all belong to large stone products , in logistics prone to various problems.

Distribution system

How to develop different product lines to avoid conflicts of interests of dealers second sensitive issue . Currently, the stone industry mainstream sales channels are distribution system . Into e-commerce products, the cost is bound to be lower than physical stores , manufacturers either to consumers or none at the local store price, are likely to harm the interests of the local dealer prices , causing exclusion from reasonable.

Price difficult unification

Most are used in stone business the way layers of agents , this mechanism is that the biggest impact will affect the price , there is not unity, under the agency ´s manufacturers is not easy to carry out e-commerce, which for the National the dealer is a dispute of interest . After all, low barriers to enter e-commerce , but the stone industry still dare to enter, stone enterprises still rely on a strong dealer support , so for companies involved in e-commerce stone , we must first solve the problem, the problem is the channel , after all, now the traditional channels still occupy a major position.


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