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Stone craft stone products is the main trend of the future

Development of stone industry is not a simple rough times , additional technology is the future mainstream of stone products , therefore , the upgrading and development of stone industry , but also to upgrade the level of technology , from the previous to the current manual operation of computer technology , intelligent gradually developed into a major reform of contemporary trends .

    In the stone show, we saw many well-known enterprise product integration of the most advanced stone craft and stone design , colorful color, with uncanny lines , coupled with first-class technology, can be described as creating a precedent for the stone industry brand marketing . Now , more and more business from the previous emphasis on stone varieties , with " quantity" to win today have turned to modeling and process innovation .

    The traditional manual techniques already can not meet the needs of the entire market , so intelligent processing technology can be described as imperative. From the previous manual stone cutting and processing technology to the present machining, we slowly progress and development should also be in development, constantly trying to find more automated production methods , in order to occupy in the future a more robust international competition favorable terrain .

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