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Portugal decorative stone enterprises are turning to emerging markets, China

As the European economic crisis, more and more enterprises are turning to the Portuguese decorative stone emerging markets led by China, in 2011 exports amounted to 437 million euros, of which 54 million to enter the Chinese market, up 8% over the previous year, market share 12%, compared with two years ago, an increase of 4.8 percentage points.

First five months of 2012 exports to China reached 27.4 million, showing a good trend, which is expected to be a record year. Portuguese Foreign Investment and Trade Promotion Bureau data show that in 2012 January-April China stone in Portugal accounted for 18 percent of exports, behind France (20.2%) ranked second. As the world's largest decorative stone producing and consuming countries, China's exports of this product in Portugal has an increasingly important impact.



In the above exports to China more than 90% of unprocessed large stones. Shipped to China, the use of lower-cost local labor for processing. Even as the stone material prices in the last five years also increased by 8 times.

Portugal is one of the few decorative stone mineral resources. Since 2008, exports increased year by year, the current export rate has reached 75%.

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