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Wax on the stone for stone impact
In the choice of stone , you should first select None as the protective wax , and has been used over the repellant protective stone .
The natural properties of stone to the surface in a product , there will be wrinkles , fine lines ( commonly known as chicken lines ) and gloss reduction , the producers in order to eliminate these drawbacks, sometimes choose to use wax method, the manufacturer speaking, this is a simple , fast method to eliminate the above drawbacks , low cost and high efficiency. For decoration units or consumers , then the resulting problems.
The Lord is the main reason : wax as a surface protective material , when it covered the stone surface , the stone surface pores and fine lines will be blocked , stone decoration or consumers get the most use protectants for stone protection , already exist in the stone surface of the wax is a protectant into the stone inside the biggest obstacle , resulting in stone protector exists only in the stone surface , and can not soak into the stone house , which in turn will occur protection failure , provided the opportunity for subsequent lesions . The most common is to use a wet stone pavement , the primary production within the water easily sit in the stone water spots, and not easy to remove. The wax polished stone surface , through the air , the sun and the role of external factors , but also color, most are yellow , the color of the stone surface becomes deeper , darker , gloss reduction , pattern texture recession and so on.
To eliminate stone on the wax, the operator tried to use some care cleaning method to remove wax , such as using water from the wax , wax and the like, but are not ideal , the reason is mainly used for building surface current protective wax too much, its chemical properties are not the same , for now , it is difficult to find a pair of wax can be removed all the wax removers ( from wax ) . In a certain sense , even if found, the residual fluid into the stone, the stone will also cause serious damage.

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