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How to lay stone enterprise market price war?

Recalling the past two months, most of the stone industry is a price war during the competition in the market , the market reflects the situation from the point of view , the price is indeed an important factor to consumers in stone . But the stone companies ignore that fact, consumers are pursuing price above is based on the value , so the final price war is the need to return to the core value of the competition , the value worth the price, rather than to the price down further down .

Companies need to up the value of the pursuit of

Meet customers' value of both upward and downward , upward the value of time savings , higher efficiency, happy process , more secure and reliable . The value is lower down the price. Down value is always the way down , there is no minimum, only lower until the non-profit enterprise , either collapsed, or reduction degradation .

Stone enterprises should constantly look up to meet the needs of customer value . If up to meet the needs of stagnation , the industry as a whole will be lack of innovation , product convergence , when customers are most concerned about the price factor becomes . Only to meet the needs based on the value of price competition , the only truly lethal.

Where companies need a clear customer value

Stone enterprises in the mining segment efficacy value , deviation for two main reasons , one to rival value of the direction of change as consumers have rushed cottage , advertising , promotions, price cuts, along with others Fengpao , are satisfied others have met before, only to succeed no luck ; First subjective customer value . So companies need to clear customer value.

First, the value of product attributes , namely safety and comfort. Food and clothing has been resolved, on the most important health , today many stone enterprises have played in the ad , " health", " green" products, and large hot speculation . Product attribute value like air , is extremely important but easily overlooked.

Secondly , subdivision efficacy value refers to the targeted customers to meet unmet goals efficacy requirements. The meet different customer value , naturally differentiated , so this value hierarchy most likely to produce market segments and innovation category . Found that the problem is more important than solving the problem . Valuable efficacy requirements , which must be clear and not ambiguous, must not have been met , and not resolved .

To identify and meet the consumer on the value , you can find innovation and upgrading of the force point , from consumer value , higher than the value of consumer products in order to firmly attract consumers. With solid consumer loyalty , timely and moving the price war is a competitive weapon . Stone business away from pure price competition , survival and development will certainly not difficult.

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