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Building insulation materials caused by the new national standard implementation of changes in the market yet
Polyurethane Co., Ltd. Huafeng Group subsidiary Puente insiders said that the current level of sales from the company´s point of view, the new national standard building insulation materials market did not cause major changes in the implementation .

Reporters in Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association on Wednesday ( 16 ) "organized efforts to build Shanghai R & D and manufacturing center of the world Polyurethane " Summit obtain the above information .

Since October 1 onwards implemented two new GB respectively , the National Standardization Management Committee issued a mandatory national standard GB8624-2012 " burning behavior of building materials and products " and recommended national standard GB/T29416-2012 " building exterior fire wall insulation system performance test methods . "

It is understood that after the implementation of the new national standard , low flame retardant insulation sheet will be difficult to get the B1 level assessment , the local government is only allowed to use no less than the B1 -grade material is a big trend . Currently the country has a B1 level standards can scale production of insulation materials business one of the few leading companies are expected to benefit from the relevant .

The insider explained, since the GB shorter implementation time , the market has not yet been the reaction is normal. Currently the industry has brought to the country ´s long-term positive underlying implementation have great expectations.

He said the company Huafeng Group Puente polyurethane production of polyurethane insulation board has reached the B1 level rating.

In this regard , the Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association Secretary-General Mr. Zhou Hui explained that the key to the implementation of the national standard of supervision . Currently polyurethane insulation materials market was mixed, require regulated markets association with the Government to ensure the quality and safety of insulation materials .

Zhou Hui said he is committed to polyurethane insulation materials production enterprises and end-markets , such as the real estate business direct docking , reduce intermediate links, which will benefit the right insulation materials market regulation .

Polyurethane insulation board listed companies related with red Polaroid , Union energy saving .

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