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China artificial stone industry to "pure aluminum flag" press conference

From Soufangwang news, recently , China´s cabinet countertops artificial stone industry to "pure aluminum flag " press conference in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex . The conference by the National Federation of Furniture Chamber of artificial stone special committee also organized national building materials testing center director Hu Yunlin , the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Zhangren Jiang , Deputy Secretary-General as well as the most famous artificial stone company CEOs , the National nearly a hundred people attended the news media .

At the meeting, Hu Yunlin Test Center Director , Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Renjiang qualified "pure aluminum " artificial stone manufacturing companies awarded a test certificate and authorization to use plaque .

National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Zhenqing artificial stone special committee , said, " pure aluminum " in the implementation of artificial stone industry , will be a better solution to the problem of the development of the industry to deepen and promote industry self-regulation and safeguard consumers´ legitimate interests . While special committees and coalitions enterprises should make joint efforts to expand the industry ´s influence, through advocacy and guidance recognized by consumers . "Pure aluminum sign" launch marks cabinets countertops artificial stone industry is normative activities kicked off in the country , the artificial stone industry in China has aroused strong repercussions.

It is understood , artificial stone countertops are currently the most widely used cabinet material ! And because artificial stone product differentiation is relatively small , but the price disparity , which is due to the artificial stone production of raw materials ( calcium , aluminum , resin, etc. ) caused by different , causing consumers to buy is difficult to identify, easy to fall into the "only price On the " misunderstanding. "Pure aluminum sign" has an important milestone . This flag is affixed to products with no environmental non-toxic, non-radioactive, oil resistant and other advantages.

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