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Astronomical profits stimulate natural quartz stone posing Cat

" What ? I bought not cat's eye, quartz stone ? Than 5000 yuan a piece of it , how could ? " National Day after the second week , he went to an Asian country people traveling expenses lady holding shopping proceeds go to Guangzhou Dongfeng Road, a well-known jewelry testing center to do testing, but was told it took about 5400 yuan purchased quartz cat's eye gemstone is actually processed artificial stones, hardness, natural ingredients are not with " cat's eye " in the same breath . Experts said that two karats natural cat's-eye gems cheaper price should also be 10,000 yuan or more, the probability of a few thousand dollars to buy fake already very large.

Held in the autumn of China Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, Sri Lanka produced natural cat's eye gemstone attracted the attention of many businessmen from the Mainland , buyers increased significantly ; Guangdong, large shopping malls , coincides with the fourth quarter of the season, and tourmaline cat's eye has become a grandmother green contests of new products, its retail price is 20% cheaper than the emerald to 30%, still the price "depression ."

The Cat in the Mainland market still in its infancy , a limited number of natural cat , cat artificial flooding the market , only the Guangdong market, for example , claiming to be the cat's eye jewelry, not more than 95% natural cat's eye , quartz, tremolite , glass fiber , can processed into a cat's eye effect with artificial gemstones. Consumers need to distinguish between the concept of collectors extra vigilance .

Genuine natural cat's eye , the market in the end how much ? Follow Guangdong Institute of Geological Sciences professionals reporter visited Guangzhou Liwan District, Tianhe District, retail and wholesale markets , found that: claiming to be the cat's eye gemstone , crafts considerable amount , which natural " cat's eye " only a handful of gems , only in the sale of red, sapphire jewelry counter top in occasional .

One of the most common phenomenon is the effect of glass fiber to produce cat simulation gems. Natural Cat close diamond weight and density , while glass fiber weighs only one-thirtieth of the former to the twentieth , feel much lighter , even Favourite " rookie" can also be found at a glance "fake" .

But in some jewelry stores , tremolite , quartz posing natural " cat's eye " case it is difficult to be out of the ordinary citizen identification . Quartz generally appear white or gray , a few staining showed yellow-green, jewel machined cat eye effect is very obvious, and the natural " cat's eye " The difference is : the flow quartz ribbon width wide entirely different and the top edge of the ribbon a bit confusing, but true cat ribbon width narrower at the top very regular ; Moreover , natural cat's eye , very few have gray products , the vast majority are " honey yellow ."

The yellow-green tremolite confusing even greater. Canton and jewelry testing center Laizhu Ren told reporters : tremolite processing out of the cat's eye , the ribbon does not flow , the basic fixed at its original location gems , known as " dead ", and the natural cat's eye is the " living light " ribbons will flow with the sun .

Canton and jewelry items testing center director Yin Biao investigation that, at present , Guangdong retail and wholesale market so-called " cat's eye " , more than 95% are artificial products, in addition to glass fibers, tremolite and quartz can be processed into a cat's eye, petrified wood , lapis lazuli , chalcedony dozen low-grade gems are cat eye effect can be processed simulation gems.

Auction market price of three years doubled Cat

In international auctions , auction cat being sought after nearly three years , an increasing number ; while its price has shown a steady upward trend , with emeralds, jade top neck and neck . 2009 auction, the price of a cat's eye gemstone rings only need 50,000 to 60,000 Hong Kong dollars, but by 2013 , auction bid as high as HK $ 150,000 to 180,000 , 3-year price rise by more than 100%.

Reporters learned that the mainland market has just started cat , far behind the emerald market. Although the jewelry processing base in Guangdong , but only a limited number of businesses processing and marketing of natural cat's eye jewelry. A 1 to 2 carat weight of the cat's eye ring, in large shopping malls in the retail price is only 20,000 ~ 50,000 yuan , generally better than rubies, sapphires cheap 40% to 50%, 20% cheaper than the emerald to 30% only one-third of the price of the same grade diamonds or quarter .


Single- light irradiation

Cat really different colors on both sides

International jewelery market , generally from the color, ribbon shape, weight , clarity four aspects determine the value of cat , color purity, saturation and color quality even by superior ribbon ( ie, cat's eye effect filaments ) the more obvious by the more structured and medium width , the higher the price . Identify the best way is to study the cat's eye gemstone central brown yellow " cat's eye " ribbons, natural cat plenty of silk-like inclusions of rutile , some air traffic control, clear shapes , elongated tubular inclusions and dense , so the cat's eye effect is particularly obviously, that is, even under weak light is very clear .

If you use a single light source illumination from the side opal , opal color distinctly different sides : from the right, according to the opal , the right to honey yellow , left milky white ; when illuminated from the left , the color just the opposite. Glass, quartz -made artificial cat's eye , the jewel of the curved top of the few bright bands occur simultaneously , instead of one , and has only one natural opal ; artificial opal with a magnifying glass on both sides , showing a hexagonal honeycomb structure .

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