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Advanced Features quartz Thessaly

Thessaly Thessaly stain , no cracking quartz stone , this product is manufactured using advanced production technology and ultra-hard quartz plate, its natural quartz filler line from the domestic and import rare mineral particles and imported pigments, resins and other environmental components , sheet metal in the whole vacuum environment through a 50 Hz frequency vibration and 50 tons of pressure synthesis, after hours of high temperature curing , material density of the body on the international market leading level, true high closed antibacterial countertops, its hardness far beyond conventional market quartz .
      Thessaly Thessaly stain , no cracking appearance similar to natural granite, quartz and rich colors ; dense nonporous antifouling performance , hard without cracking of the plate, whether it is shiny texture , or the various chemical liquid substances ( hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other chemicals ) real anti- infiltration and anti-corrosion , anti-fouling and other functions are available in the market power of conventional quartz unmatched .
      Thessaly in the country launched the first international 6MM thick thin plate technology . For all the luxury interior decoration board ; excellence in selecting materials , diamond quartz crystal , rare mineral particles undergo sixteen fine sieve , pickling processes , coupled with our use of food-grade environmental protection resin material , the made of quartz stone kitchen has been completely hidden to prevent secondary pollution . And to comply with the international community to lead the industry with environmental requirements .
      Thessaly antifouling , no cracking quartz researchers humane considerations, for the Chinese mainland ´s southern , south-eastern region is too large temperature difference between day and did not install heating, conventional quartz stone for temperature reasons , it is inevitable there will be cracking phenomenon. To this end , Thessaly quartz are 100 degree heat tunnel 50 meters long slow curing , so Thessaly quartz scratch resistant knife , does not crack , not afraid of strong acid , no radiation , high temperature and difficult to burn.
      Thessaly star service, decades of quality assurance ! Thessaly to become the most professional countertop solutions provider , ensure that you use no worries . After several visits, verification , Thessaly quartz stone is Europe´s most popular high-quality countertop materials . I believe the Chinese mainland compatriots will love the quality of Europe , the domestic price of Thessaly quartz .
      Your special agents through Thessaly buy our products , can not be determined in the case, please look for "Thessaly Thessaly " trademark, the back plate is no such trademark counterfeit products .

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