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Artificial stone industry market trends

Recently, the Chinese cabinet countertops artificial stone industry to "pure aluminum flag " press conference in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex . The conference by the National Federation of Furniture Chamber of artificial stone special committee also organized national building materials testing center director Hu Yunlin , the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Zhangren Jiang , Deputy Secretary-General as well as the most famous artificial stone company CEOs , the National nearly a hundred people attended the news media .

At the meeting, Hu Yunlin Test Center Director , Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Renjiang qualified "pure aluminum " artificial stone manufacturing companies awarded a test certificate and authorization to use plaque .

National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Zhenqing artificial stone special committee , said, " pure aluminum " in the implementation of artificial stone industry , will be a better solution to the problem of the development of the industry to deepen and promote industry self-regulation and safeguard consumers´ legitimate interests . While special committees and coalitions enterprises should make joint efforts to expand the industry ´s influence, through advocacy and guidance recognized by consumers . "Pure aluminum sign" launch marks cabinets countertops artificial stone industry is normative activities kicked off in the country , the artificial stone industry in China has aroused strong repercussions.

It is understood , artificial stone countertops are currently the most widely used cabinet material ! And because artificial stone product differentiation is relatively small , but the price disparity , which is due to the artificial stone production of raw materials ( calcium , aluminum , resin, etc. ) caused by different , causing consumers to buy is difficult to identify, easy to fall into the "only price On the " misunderstanding. "Pure aluminum sign" has an important milestone . This flag is affixed to products with no environmental non-toxic, non-radioactive, oil resistant and other advantages.

China Building Material reports: National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Professional Committee of artificial stone ( hereinafter referred to as artificial stone special committee ) try to be "pure aluminum signs" to help consumers effectively circumvent the inferior artificial stone products, and regulate the cabinet market .

More than a few companies make artificial stone plate , especially Athens and artificial stone, very strong in the industry , which makes artificial stone industry, competition is very large. That several artificial stone enterprise accounts for the Guangdong market its resin artificial stone resin amount of 70 % or more. Guangdong region for such an artificial stone plate manufacturers is very large , the manufacturers of the product quality is uneven, standard board (2440mm × 760mm × 12.7mm) unbelievable low price of aluminum hydroxide powder is used as raw material . Some low-priced lumber, to calcium powder as filler , the product of deformation, cracking, stain defects and poor water resistance .

Shanghai , Fujian, Guangdong Province of artificial stone and artificial quartz stone. Artificial stone , also known as engineered stone , granite popular , based on two or more kinds of natural marble crushed entering into the resin and pigment , and then vacuum- pressure synthesis of oscillator cast wool ( square stock ) , and then cut and thickness of the polishing. If you use general-purpose resin material will appear side cracking phenomenon , a party expected to cost about 12,000 yuan . Some enterprises have developed a special low viscosity, high strength granite resin , pressing the artificial stone has high hardness , high strength , good gloss , low water absorption , wear characteristics , to meet export demand . Artificial Stone Yunfu ROYAL open market after a shortage situation. A short period of three years, Yunfu area artificial stone production line from the original count of the number increased to ten . Shanghai , Hangzhou, Beijing and other major shopping malls in the newly renovated surface decoration materials have been using artificial stone. Artificial stone has not yet reached the same household as the tile , but the market potential is great.

Artificial quartz stone and artificial stone production process is relatively similar , except that the filler is a high wear-resistant quartz sand and quartz powder, filler content of up to about 90%. Mohs hardness of up to seven anti- scratch performance, and its tolerance, water , fire and other performance decided it was the development of an artificial stone plate direction . In recent years , the domestic horse artificial quartz stone production line soared, using vacuum casting production of quartz stone than a dozen enterprises , but the facilities are great differences in the quality varies . Some bubbles are more refined : Hardness while high, but as a timber wall easily deformed , sophisticated quartz stone production line Price 6,000,000 yuan to 1,000 million dollars, with a vacuum pressure shock synthesis , the process used in the temperature drying tower of curing , the product gel content is low, dense texture without pores , a few good quality products have been close to the Italian standard of artificial quartz .

Foreign brands and artificial stone market overview

Foreign brands Sally quartz stone, Caesar stone, hi Shihlong , Suntory things pass, Sai Nuosi pass, Omega , PKL, Glory Takashi , special dishes Adams , Compaq , etc. The world specializing in the production of quartz stone manufacturers only 16 , there are 20 Sally Stone production line, the products accounted for 90% of the European market , accounting for 70% of the American market , but still far from meeting the needs of the market . South Korean production of quartz stone manufacturers annually exported to Europe market reached $ 130 million . Foreign quartz stone has become so widespread , there are kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops , bar, floor and exterior walls and so on. Internationally more mature markets of Australia , Europe and other countries and regions. The year in Australia quartz total global consumption of about 1/ 3 , followed by the United States and Canada. The Middle East and Southeast Asia Quartz significant market growth . Quartz abroad range of applications is constantly changing , quartz cabinet industry is becoming a new alternative products , the proportion of ground stone decoration substantial growth .

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