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Solid wood floor waxing or oil conservation program options


What is a wood floor oil?

Currently on the market wood used oils, in fact, with the cosmetic use of essential oils similar, are extracted from the flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots and other volatile aromatic substances, but the difference is extracted from different plant .

With imports of cypress wood resin and natural trees phytoncid blend of essential oils, there are deep moisture, to prevent cracking, repair minor cracks and other effects, so this is why some sellers will recommend to consumers using essential oils to make wood flooring maintenance reasons.

Essential oils may not be more than waxing better?

Some sales staff will provide consumers claim that oil is the beginning for wooden antiques, sculpture, mahogany furniture and other products, because extracted from plants, easy to penetrate the wood products play a moist and prevent chapped effect.



So, the effect of using essential oils really better than waxing okay ?

First, we must be clear that laminate flooring is certainly not used to suppress made of composite wood flooring , once infiltrated with essential oils to destroy the internal structure , but is unfavorable ; while the denser wood floors and mahogany private painting differs substantially solid wood flooring market has a thin layer of paint wear protective surface , oil paint to penetrate through the wood floor should not be easy , but even if we can through , at least to take a long time , difficult to ensure that oil will not use the wooden floor was taken away .

Therefore, the oil once failed to penetrate the wood floor , is unable to play a role in repair minor cracks .

Wood floor maintenance is very simple

Wood floor maintenance is very simple, daily cleaning wood floors can be wrung cotton mop .

If you encounter blood, fruit juice , red wine and other stains of the situation, you can with a rag dipped in an appropriate amount of floor cleaner wipe ; wax and chewing gum if it is , you can use ice on it for a while, so frozen contraction , and then gently scrape since then a wet rag dipped in floor cleaner.

However, the need to remind consumers that pay attention to use neutral cleaning solvents to clean , you can not use acids, solvents or alkaline scrubbing gasoline and other organic solvents , and usually well maintained , 1 year warranty wax can, no need frequent to waxing.

For normal people , buying a house , renovation is a major event in life, but also spend a lot of money , so be careful before purchasing , especially to understand some tips to buy , but also useful in practice help , here to learn about some of the optional floor experience .


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