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Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone quartz stone with great resolve
Businesses in the introduction cabinets , countertops will say yes or quartz stone countertops artificial stone countertops , and how well. What is the difference between it, the consumer does not know anything about . In fact , also belong to the artificial quartz stone , artificial stone is a large category of the device is made of artificial stone . But people accustomed to regular calcium or aluminum plate board, composite acrylic and other stone called artificial stone, quartz stone into the open .

Artificial stone Overall, there are five categories , the general board . Crystal jade board aluminum plate . Composite acrylic plate of pure acrylic plate . Quartz slate. Decoration stone countertops generally include two kinds of artificial stone and natural stone , natural stone because it contains heavy minerals radiation , the best in open indoor or outdoor applications , such as hotel lobbies or Bank Square. Acrylic artificial stone can be divided into artificial stone and artificial quartz stone, of course, there are some new stone, but the basic is a small group, different from the name of each business and bad categories . Acrylic stone and quartz stone is no good or bad, ingredients constitute different characteristic differences relatively large, so in the purchase, to make it clear she was more valued countertops what features to make the choice of acrylic or quartz .

   Acrylic stone as the main market now cabinets countertops timber , processed handsome in appearance , mainly after curved retaining and absolutely seamless and shaped processing , which are quartz stone can not be achieved ; addition , acrylic stone quartz stone toughness relative better , especially pure acrylic optimum. advantages are: seamless splicing , changing shape , color variety and soft, easy to fix the problem . Use of time is too long , re- polish can be bright as new. Disadvantages : slightly lower hardness of quartz stone, rough objects such as friction on the table , easily damaged countertops brightness. Composite acrylic temperatures up to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature of 120 degrees , but prolonged exposure to heat can not be an object . Quartz hardness and wear resistance are more than acrylic stone , heat better, but definitely not so bad , either acrylic stone or quartz , are not able to wok directly on the countertop , thermal expansion and contraction will the molecular structure lead to local changes either quartz or acrylic stone, if you do not use pot holders , place hot objects directly on the table , the course of time , contact with hot objects surface countertops with other parts bright part makes a difference. Advantages : the more artificial stone high temperature resistance program. Disadvantages are: modeling a single , complex shapes can not be done , and the bump is not easy to fix the problem . Because quartz hardness and high density, so we can not seamless , not easy to do complex modeling. Whether acrylic stone or quartz stone , material composition determines the quality is not better than the artificial stone quartz stone , the same as acrylic stone , quartz stone market is also good and bad, in the purchase of the stone when the user as much as possible compare manufacturers and product ingredients . Try requires vendors to produce products of the test report and aftermarket certificate.

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